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Lectern Customisation

Customisation is available with our CURVE Lectern.

The CURVE Lectern has an interchangeable front acrylic panel that can be customised with your company logo or event message.

This panel is at the top of the CURVE Lectern so is in prime sight of any camera covering your speaker. It is the ideal place for your key message or company logo as all your guests will see it while your speaker is delivering the message of your event.

We need approximately 7 days from receiving your logo to ensure you receive your CURVE Lectern complete with your logo.

Send us a high resolution JPEG (minimum 300dpi), eps or pdf version of your logo.

Your Lectern will arrive with your panel fitted and ready for your event. Simply return it with the lectern following your event and Lecternhire will store it ready for your next hire.

Call us today on 029 2143 2171 for more information on customising your Lecternhire.

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